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Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur Helps Restoring Pokemon GO Trend

Pokemon Go new year’s event is really one of a kind. Aside from the special holiday gift box that a Pokemon Go player can buy in the shop, the event also offers an increase of Pokemon spawn rates for the original starters that was originally found in the Kanto region.

Pokemon Go Ups & Downs

Pokemon Go is one of the most populated games that since its release last 2016 but its popularity is slowly going down. According to the analytic report last month, the total population of Pokemon Go players decreased by almost 40%. Niantic, however, is giving Pokemon Go players new features and updates to encourage them to keep playing the game.

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One of the recent and most anticipated Pokemon Go updates is the release of Ditto and the Gen 2 baby Pokemon. Active Pokemon Go players increased during the first few days of these update but unfortunately, it slowly declined again.

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Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur Arise

Now, Niantic released another event to push players to hunt more Pokemon. The new year’s event features the increase of spawn rates of the original starter Pokemon; Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. According to the latest analytic report, Pokemon Go active players from the US region increased by 20% when the new year’s event was released compared to the Christmas event that happened last year.

Increasing the spawn rate of the three starters gives Pokemon Go players a chance to get and evolve a strong Pokemon. Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur are considered as strongest Pokemon in the game. You’ll notice that one of these three Pokemon is always present on gyms to defend it. Before, hunting the three starters are extremely difficult. You’re lucky enough if you already managed to get one of this. But with the Pokemon Go new year’s event, Niantic is giving Pokemon Go player a chance to evolve and get a good move set for this starters.

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