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Final Fantasy XV Guides: Finding All Optional Royal Arms

Final Fantasy XV’s story line welcomes you to the notion of Royal Arms, powerful weapons that were once used by the previous kings of Lucis. Beyond the journey, you’ll receive some few required quests. But aside from that, there are some things that you can discover along the way.

The royal arms boost Luci’s Armiger special ability and also allows him to use these strong weapons in the battle, but as a return, royal arms drains the hp of the user.

How To Find All Royal Arms

The quest that you will receive does not directly show you where and how to get the royal arms. Therefore, we’ve listed the location where you can find all the royal arms to help you hunt them easier. This guide includes some important events, so some spoilers may come up.

Sword of the Wise

In chapter 2 of the story, you’ll find yourself traveling at the Tomb of the Wise where you can get the Sword of the wise. To acquire the sword, you have to speak with Cor inside the tomb which is located north of Leide.

Axe of the Conqueror

Right after you acquired the Sword of the Wise, you’ll get the Axe of the Conqueror next. Speak with Cor again and he will guide you to Keycatrich Trench. Continue the mission and you’ll see this axe at the end of the tomb.

Swords of the Wanderer

This sword can be found in Chapter 3 at the quest The Sword in the Waterfall. You can find the tomb at the dungeon behind the waterfall. It is recommended to find this sword at daytime because locating the entrance is a bit hard when it’s dark.

Blade of the Mystic

In chapter 4 The Archean is where you can find the Blade of the Mystic. You’ll find a tomb when you are battling with the Titan, an Archean. This is a two-handed sword and pretty strong, too.

Katana of the Warrior

Next in the line of royal arms is the Katana of the Warrior. This katana can be found in one nasty dungeon in the story. As a tip, when you’re fighting with the Malboro and asked you to retreat, look for a very poorly sign posted waypoint. That is where you should make your way out. Once done, you’ll find yourself with the Katana.

Trident of the Oracle

In chapter 12 Breath of the Glacian, you’ll get this sword in the train after fighting and defeating the enemy boss, Deathclaw. This is almost the end of the chapter and close to chapter 13.

Sword of the Father

Chapter 13 is the final story where you can find royal arms. Unlike the others, Sword of the Father will be automatically be acquired during the main quest inside Zegnautus Keep. Sword of the Father is the last among the 13 royal arms that you can get.


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