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Pokemon Go Update: How Much Incubators A Pokemon Go Trainer Can Hold?

Pokemon Go Christmas Event is still currently ongoing which offers more in-game bonuses to players. Some of the features the event is offering are the free daily incubator, increase in spawn rates and increase in hatching Gen 2 Pokemon. The Pokemon Go Christmas event also introduced the different tier gift box that you can purchase in the shop using PokeCoins.

While some Pokemon Go players are enjoying the holiday for these bonuses, some are also curious if there’s a limit for the incubators.

Unclear Information About Incubator Limit

As of writing, there is no player who can prove if there is a limit to stock an Incubator. This topic was posted by one of the Pokemon Go players in a subreddit called TheSilphRoad. Based on the topic, it looks like one player tried to give it a shot and test to see if there is really a limit for stocking up an Incubator.

Some players claimed that the there may be a limit. According to them, players can only stock Incubators with the same amount of the eggs. This may be correct but it is also possible that the limit will depend on the capacity of your bag. Besides, players can expand the bag but the question remains regarding the limit of the size of your bag.

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To be honest, I doubt Niantic will allow players to only stock Incubators in their bag just to see if there’s a limit. Or maybe Niantic did not think of the players doing such things.

So for the Pokemon Go players who want to try this, we wish you all the luck. Also, if you want to follow the progress of the research, you can visit the subreddit from here. Just please be reminded that it may take a time to actually see the result of their test.

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