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Nintendo Switch Games Updates: Cypronia’s Cube Life Island Survival Get It’s First Game Trailer

One of the good game that you can play on Wii U is the Cube Life Island Survival. While we are waiting for the official presentation on January 2017 of Nintendo Switch, Cypronia, creator of Cube Life Island Survival, revealed the first trailer of the game for Nintendo Switch.

Cube Life Island Survival First Trailer

If you are not familiar with Cube Life Island Survival, it is one of the most successful indie game that was developed for the Wii U back in 2005. It is a Minecraft craft inspired game that is confirmed it is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Cube Life Island Survival also have the features that you can find in Minecraft. Like what I’ve said earlier, this game has better graphics and a more realistic environment. In this game, you can also craft, survive and explore the open block-world environment.

Cube Life Island Survival Pricing

Although there is no official statement from the developer for the price of this game, it is expected that it will start at $4.99 on Nintendo Switch. The game will be available on Switch in the late Spring of 2017. By just looking at the Cube Life Island Survival trailer, the possibility of its success will be there once again. I just wish we could see it during the launch date so we can get this game title as soon as we can.

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Parting Words

Which one do you think is better? Minecraft or Cube Life Island Survival? Why? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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