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Nintendo Switch News & Updates: Nintendo Switch May Have A Double Power When Docked

How much power do you think does the Nintendo Switch will have? No one knows until the official preview of January, but according to the latest reports, Nintendo Switch will be more powerful when docked. The reports are pointing that its power will depend on how the user will use the console, whether in a portable mode or docked and connected into a tv-screen.

Nintendo Switch Could Be Twice Powerful When Docked

Previously, there has been reports that the Nintendo Switch will be using the Nvidia’s Maxwell instead of Pascal. This might be one of the reasons why the speculation for its power will be lowered when using the device in portable mode. Reports said that the CPU when using the device in portable mode would not change, but the GPU will. Also, this is to avoid the overheating of the console.

Screenshot from Nintendo Switch trailer video.

Switch Is Less Powerful Than PS4 and Xbox

In the first place, I never hope that Nintendo will release a console that can compete with the PS4 or Xbox. Nintendo already dropped out from the race before and it was almost over a decade that no new console came out to compete with the giants. But not because they already dropped from the race doesn’t mean they can’t create a competitive device.

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In fact, Nintendo is the first one who combined the console and portable gaming. According to video trailer, the Nintendo Switch can smoothly run Skyrim and NBA 2k. Thinking that these two games require a powerful machine, the Switch already showed its capability. Furthermore, we’ll have to wait few more weeks to see what’s inside the Nintendo Switch.

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