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Nvidia’s Maxwell Is The Architecture Behind The Nintendo Switch

As of writing there are no official hardware specs for Nintendo’s newest console, Switch. We still have to wait four more weeks to finally see the Nintendo Switch hardware specifications. On the 12th day of January, Nintendo will be conducting a special event for Nintendo Switch. During that time we’ll learn new things from Switch such as hardware specs, launch titles and more.

Nintendo Switch’s GPU Architecture

It’s been few months since Nintendo announced their new gaming console, and so far, there are no enough details about it. Only rumors and speculations are the thing we have right now. But today is a different day as two different sources reveal the GPU architecture that Nintendo Switch is using.

According to VentureBeat, the two sources (who asked to stay anonymous) disclosed that the new Nintendo Switch console would be using Nvidia’s last generation Maxwell rather than the Nvidia’s newer version, Pascal. Therefore, PS4 will be more powerful than the Switch.

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Just to be honest, Nintendo doesn’t need to get a high-end hardware for their console to create satisfactory games. Nintendo is known and popular for its game like Pokémon, Super Mario, and Zelda. This kind of games just can’t wait for the Pascal Tegra-version.

Why Choose Maxwell Over Pascal

Well, we have some few reasons that may be correct. First, when the Nintendo Switch was still under development, Nvidia processors with Pascal architecture is not yet available in the market. Choosing Maxwell is the best choice during that time.

But why not upgrade to Pascal? Maxwell was first seen in 2014 and game developers will have enough time to get their games ready for the Nintendo Switch. Let’s say Nintendo choose Pascal during the development time, game development will be needing more time and may push the release date of Switch beyond March 2017.

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