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Pokémon Go News & Updates: Christmas Event Brings Free Incubators And More Pokémon

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There’s a plenty of reasons to celebrate Christmas and one of them is getting down the street and play Pokémon Go. For a couple of weeks, Pokémon Go will be giving players free incubators and more Pokémon. Sounds good, right? Well, Christmas is the best time to give presents to everyone.

Pokémon Go Christmas Event Brings Free Incubators

Niantic introduced the baby Pokémon in the game a few weeks ago and if you still don’t haven’t hatch them all, now is the time to do that. With the upcoming Christmas event this 25th of December, Niantic will increase the hatch rate of each baby Pokémon that are currently available in the game.

Who doesn’t want to get that cute baby Togepi and Pichu? They are so adorable and cute. If you’re worried about your few incubators, don’t worry! Niantic will be giving free incubator daily. More incubators, more hatch can be done in a single walk.

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Pokémon Go For Apple Watch

After the Christmas party, time to burn some fats fellas! With the release of Pokémon Go for Apple Watch, you can start enjoying your fat burning routine while playing Pokémon Go.

Niantic just added the Pokémon Go version for Apple Watch and it does come with amazing features. Similar to the normal way we play Pokémon Go, in Apple Watch you can also spin PokeStops, hatch an egg, encounter a wild Pokémon and more. So if you’re lucky to have an Apple watch, be sure to install Pokémon Go. It’s your chance to be the very best!

Why Are We Not Getting Double EXP?

As a Pokémon Go player, I am also expecting the double xp and stardust. Unfortunately, it looks like Niantic has a better plan for it. Since we don’t get a double xp and stardust this time, we can still take advantage of this event right now. Activating a lucky egg is the best way to get a good xp. The increase of spawn for starter Pokemon are good chance to use that lucky egg. There’s a trick to get more than 100l xp when using the lucky egg. If you want to try it, you check the guide here.

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