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Pokemon Go Christmas Event Is Live Bringing More Surprises

Just a few days ago, Niantic confirmed that there will be a Pokemon Go event this Christmas. Finally today, Niantic officially welcomes the Christmas day by giving Pokemon Go players a Christmas event.

Pokemon Go Christmas Event Is Live

The long wait is over. Finally, Pokemon Go players can now enjoy the holiday in Pokemon Go. Christmas event is officially live giving more spawns to the original starter Pokemon, daily free incubators and more! Aside from that Niantic also added the gift box feature that was previously mined from the Pokemon Go app version 0.51.0 APK.

As we all know, the gift box icons were found in version 0.51.0 APK file but it was not mentioned when Niantic announced the holiday event few days ago. With the Christmas update today, the gift box can be found in the Pokemon Go shop.

What’s Inside The Gift Box?

Maybe you are curious for the contents of the gift box. Well, we got your back. Below are the contents that can be found inside the gift box. Although not all the data mined gift box are available in the game, you can now get the first three box.

  • Special Box – for 250 PokeCoins, you’ll get x10 great ball and x2 egg incubator
  • Great Box – for 550 PokeCoins, you’ll get x20 great ball, x2 incense and x4 egg incubator
  • Ultra Box – for 1,500 PokeCoins, you’ll get x25 incense, x6 egg incubator and x20 ultra ball
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The first three gift boxes will be available from December 25th (morning) through December 30th (afternoon) PST.

For the last three remaining gift boxes, it will be available from December 30th (afternoon) through January 3rd (afternoon) PST. Bronze, silver and gold boxes will replace the first three gift boxes. Each boxes will also contain incense, lure modules, lucky eggs, PokeBalls and great balls.

That’s all for now trainers. I will update this page once the 2nd batch of gift boxes arrives.

What do you think about this gift boxes from the shop? Are you going to spend more money for it? Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. ashley k.

    December 26, 2016 at 2:20 am

    All i care about is incubators, revives and stardust… So no i dont think the gift boxes are worth the purchase nor will i be buying a giftbox. For $3 i can buy 2 incubaters (gives you x6 incubations)…. I wouldn’t spend 15$ on it all the other items can easily be found free by spinning a pokestop. You fill my giftbox with high amount of incubators, revives and stardust then i would be purchasing these giftboxes in a heartbeat.

  2. Don J.

    December 27, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    Same as above..I have plenty of balls and incense is a joke!

    Fill them with incubators, potions, and stardust and I’ll spend money to get them

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