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Pokémon Go News & Updates: Pokémon Go For Android Wear Still In Progress

Back in September 2016, Niantic announced Pokemon Go for Apple watch. It is not surprising we did not hear anything about the coming of Pokemon Go for Android wear since the announcement were made during the Apple event. Earlier this week, Niantic finally released Pokemon Go for Apple watch and Pokemon Go players can now use it in their Apple watch.

Pokemon Go Android Wear Release Date

Although there are no words from Niantic, Pokemon Go for Android wear are still possible. With the recent update of Pokemon Go version 0.51.0, the latest data mine shows a code for Pokemon Go for Android Wear support.


According to the analysis, functions of Pokemon Go for Android wear will be adjusted similarly to the capabilities of Apple Watch version. This is because not all smartwatches have built-in location support. And now, Google just recently announced the plan to bring Android Wear 2.0 to Google-branded smartwatches next year.

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Another important information about the discovery of the android wear from the Pokemon Go app data mine is that the app does not require to be running on your smartphone. This is because it will continue working in the background. The research also suggests that the Android Wear watches can be paired with the iOS version of the game.

Nothing is confirmed yet but the fact that this Android Wear code exists, it only means they will come. We still have to wait a little more time for the official announcement from Niantic.

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