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Pokemon Go May Not Get The Legendary Pokemon Until Spring

Pokemon Go fans are still waiting for the official statement from Niantic about the legendary Pokemon. But until now Niantic has been silent about it. While waiting for Niantic’s words, a new report said that the legendary Pokemon may not come until spring of this year.

Legendary Pokemon Release Date Theory

Pokemon Go developer, Niantic, has been quite about the exact release date of the legendary Pokemon. However, SlashGear analyzed and gave a prediction about the release of the legendary Pokemon.

For some reasons, Niantic seems not to release the legendary Pokemon based on a holiday event which happened already. However, they suggest that the best time to release the legendary Pokemon is when the 2017 spring event is released. But why choose during spring?

During this time, people tend to walk around without any outfit requirement to protect themselves from the rain or snow. Aside from that, spring also is the time where birds and other animals are come out from their nests. While this season is not a solid connection with the Pokemon Go, we should take note that the first legendary Pokemon to be released are birds. These includes Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

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What Keeps Niantic Busy During These Days?

The Pokemon Go developer just gave its fans the Pokemon Go Christmas event which ended last December 30, 2017 and then released the Pokemon Go New Year’s event. These events come with different features like the gift boxes, increase in hatching gen 2 baby Pokemon and increase in spawn rates of the starter Pokemon that originally found in the Kanto region.

Previously, Niantic also gave Pokemon Go players a Halloween event which according to some player, the Pokemon Go Halloween event is much better than the Christmas and New year’s event. Aside from that, Niantic also released Ditto in the wild giving fans more Pokemon to catch.

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1 Comment

  1. Lucas

    January 4, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    But spring in which country? Because with the game in many nations around the world, at least part of those will be winter.

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