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Niantic Revealed The Pokemon Go New Year’s Event Gift Packs

Pokemon Go Christmas event may be over, but the holiday spirit is still in the air as the Pokemon Go New Year’s event starts. Earlier this week, Niantic announced that the holiday events will be divided into two parts; Christmas and New Year’s event. Each events offers different features so Pokemon Go players can take advantage for each event.

Pokemon Go Christmas Event Ends; New Year’s Event Starts

The Pokemon Go Chrismtas event already ended, meaning the increased on hatching Gen 2 baby Pokemon will now go back to normal. Same thing with the first batch of gift boxes; the Special, Great and Ultra boxes will now vanish from the Pokemon Go shop.

But it doesn’t mean that there will be no replacement for it. Niantic promised to release the 2nd batch of gift boxes which includes Bronze, Silver and Gold gift boxes. Aside from that, Niantic also give Pokemon Go players an increased on the spawn rates of the original starter Pokemon from the Kanto region.

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Pokemon Go New Year’s Event Gift Boxes

With the release of the New Year’s event, Niantic also replaced the gift boxes in the Pokemon Go shop. Each boxes offers different discounts but the content of each boxes will be different from the previous gift boxes that was available during the Christmas event. So what are the contents of each gift boxes?

Pokemon Go New Year’s Event Gift Boxes

  • Bronze Box contains x100 PokeBalls and x8 Lure Modules for just 460 PokeCoins
  • Silver Box contains x8 Incense, x8 Lucky Eggs and x8 Lure Modules for just 980 PokeCoins
  • Gold Box contains x50 Great Balls, x25 Incense, x25 Lucky Eggs and x16 Lure Modules for just 2480 PokeCoins

The New Year’s event also offers an increase in time span of Lure Modules. From the original 30 minute time span will become 60 minutes. It will go back to its original time span when the New Year’s event ended. In addition, please be reminded that this three gift boxes will be available from December 30th to January 8th (PST).

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