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Pokémon GO News & Updates: Pokémon GO Player Finally Unlocked Togetic Today

Earlier this week, Niantic released the generation 2 Pokémon which is apparently, the baby Pokémon. Pokémon Go players have been excited to see new Pokémon in the wild but unfortunately, the update did not meet their expectations. The new update introduces 7 new baby Pokémon in the game, and today a new Pokémon has been confirmed that it exist in Pokemon Go.

Togetic Is Confirmed Its Presence In Pokémon GO

With the release of the baby Pokémon, some of you are wondering what will happen if we evolve Togepi. Are we going to get Togetic? Niantic didn’t mention about Togetic if this Pokémon has been added, so only the Pokémon Go players need to find out.

To evolve Togepi, it requires Pokémon Go players a total of 50 candies. And finally, someone managed to get it all. Obviously, he tried to evolve Togepi and surprisingly, Togepi successfully evolved into a Togetic. Therefore, it is now confirmed that Togetic exist in the game.

Source: Reddit

Togetic Best Move Sets

Since Togetic is not a baby Pokémon, is it possible to see him in the wild just like the other Pokémon? Can we hatch Togetic from an egg? As of writing, there are no reports of such event.

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Apparently, it looks like the best move set that Pokémon Go players can get for Togetic are Zen Headbutt or Dazzling Gleam. Togetic doesn’t learn wing attack, unfortunately. Quick moves are Zen Headbutt or Steel Wing, and charge moves are Dazzling Gleam, Aerial Ace, and Ancient Power. Why they would add Togetic an ancient power on top of everything else, we don’t know.


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