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Pokémon GO News & Updates: Pokémon GO Player Found A Glitch To Hatch Your Eggs Faster

Niantic just released a new and updated version of Pokemon Go but it looks the update give Pokemon Go players a positive glitch. Why do I call it a positive glitch? It’s because the glitch gives a positive result to many Pokemon Go players.

Hatching Eggs Faster Glitch

If you are aware of the Pokemon Go speed limit cap, you already know how it works. After a reaching a certain movement speed, the speed limit cap activates, preventing Pokemon Go players to miss some distance that should be counted in the egg. Pokemon Go speed distance is always changing, tweaked and rebalance.

Recently, Niantic released a new client update where data miners found a new code that suggests to a holiday event. However, that’s not the only thing discovered in the game. A Pokemon Go player discovered a way to bypass the speed limit cap of the game.

How Does The Speed Limit Glitch Works?

Bypassing the speed limit cap in the game is nearly impossible until the new glitch was found. To bypass the speed limit cap. First, you have to open the Pokemon Go app (of course) and log in and proceed to the egg screen. When you see the egg screen, minimize the game by pressing the home button of your device. There, you can ride any form of vehicle and let the minimized Pokemon Go run in the background. When you decided to open the game again, you’ll notice that the distance you traveled counts even if you broke the speed limit cap.

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However, it seems like the glitch is not working all the time. According to the report, the glitch will only work for 8 minutes or else the glitch will not work.

This glitch has been tested on android devices. Haven’t tested it yet on an iOS devices but thinking that when you minimize a game on an iOS device, the app will be killed. So it only means there is no process that is working in the background. But there is a way to get it work for iOS device. If your device is Jailbroken, you can download an app called “Background Manager.”

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