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Pokémon Go Special Holiday Gift Boxes: Are They Worth Your PokeCoins?

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Pokémon Go is offering players a special holiday gift boxes for the Christmas event. Niantic decided to give this presents in 2 groups. As of now, the only available in the market are Special Box, Great Box and Ultra Box. Of course, anyone can get all of them but to do that, Pokémon Go players should spend some PokeCoins. But the question, are this gift boxes worth it?

What Are The Gift Boxes Available?

According to Niantic’s official update, from December 25 to December 30 afternoon PST, these three boxes will be available:

  • Special box which costs 250 PokeCoins
  • Great box which costs 550 PokeCoins; and
  • Ultra box which costs 1500 PokeCoins

Just when the first batch ends, three new boxes will be available starting from December 30 up to January 3 afternoon PST:

  • Bronze box which costs 460 PokeCoins
  • Silver box which costs 980 PokeCoins; and
  • Gold box which costs 2480 PokeCoins

Are These Gift Boxes Worth It?

It depends on what you need. Looking at the discount that you can get from each holiday box, you already have a great deal. Okay, let’s do the math.

  • Special box gives you a total of 375 worth of PokeCoins for Great Balls and Incubators for just 250 PokeCoins.
  • Great box gives you a total of 910 worth of PokeCoins for Great Balls, Incense and Incubators just for 550 PokeCoins.
  • Ultra box gives you a total of 3350 worth of PokeCoins for an Ultra balls, Incense and Incubators just for 1500 PokeCoins.
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See how big the discount that you can get? But just like what I’ve said, getting a gift box depends on what you need.


If you’re into hatching an egg, the special box gives you x3 incubators. So if you want to stock up some incubators for the future, pick the special box.

Great Balls and Ultra Balls

Not all of the Pokemon Go players are lucky enough to get a great ball and ultra ball from PokeStops. So if you want to level up your game by catching rare Pokemon, getting a Special and Great boxes is a good choice. Anyhow, you can also get an incubator and incense.


If you’re going to target on catching some Pokemon in the wild, you can get the Great box or Ultra box for some bulk options. Looking at the price range between the two, Ultra box may be a bit expensive but it offers a great big discount in return.

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Can I Buy Gift Boxes Multiple Times?

Of course. There’s no limit on getting these gift boxes. As long as you have enough PokeCoins, you can buy as many as you want. But in our opinion, it is more economical an Ultra box than a couple of Great box or Special box. But the decision is still in your hand. Choose wisely.

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