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Pokemon Go Summer Event: Surfing Pikachu, Squirtle With Sunglasses & More

While Niantic is still on its 2nd phase of the Pokemon Go holiday, most Pokemon Go players think what are the next upcoming event. There is no official statement from Niantic but discussions about the 2017 summer event already made a stir. Surfing Pikachu and the epic Squirtle wearing a sunglasses are just some of the suggested features for the summer event.

Surfing Pikachu, Squirtle Wearing A Sunglasses & More

Pokemon Go players are discussing and already in favor with the Squirtle with a sunglasses for the summer. So why Squirtle with a sunglasses? As we look back at the Pokemon anime, Squirtle squad is one of the most entertaining episodes. Players suggested this due to hot summer and a sunglasses are common during this season.

Fan Made Surfing Pikachu For Pokemon Go

The concept about the Squirtle wearing a sunglasses is really a good concept. Mostly, it will be similar to the special holiday for Pikachu wearing a Santa hat. Talking about Pikachu, players suggested a surfing Pikachu for the summer event. Well, anything can happen when Pikachu is involved, right?

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In the meantime, all these users suggested features for the summer event are just discussions. To be honest, it’s too early to speculate about the upcoming summer 2017 event. But surely, Niantic will come up with another amazing event for this year. Who knows? Niantic is already preparing to release the three legendary birds this year.

So, what do you think about these suggested features for the upcoming summer event? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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