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Nintendo Switch News & Updates: Seasons Of Heaven Official Trailer For Nintendo Switch Revealed

If you want for a new and exciting adventure game, Seasons of Heaven is for you. The game was announced as a Nintendo Switch exclusive few weeks ago. It was developed by Any Arts Productions, a French indie game developer.

What Is Seasons Of Heaven?

The game rolls in the life and adventure of a young boy with  Asperger’s Syndrome. Yann, the main character accompanied by his dog, Ani, takes a new adventure. The Seasons of Heaven is based on a French novel of the same name. With the newly released trailer, it gives players the concept of the game.

The trailer shows the main character together with his dog exploring the environment and some actions the character can do. As of writing, there is no enough information about the game as the developer didn’t give one.

In our opinion, we will learn more details about the game when the Nintendo Switch does their presentation next year. The new Seasons of Heaven trailer looks promising. Watch the trailer below and let’s see if you agree with me.

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