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Pokemon Go News & Updates: Things That You Should Know For The Pokemon Go New Year Event

Niantic’s Pokemon Go Christmas Event is currently underway and most of the trainers are enjoying the event. While the Christmas event is not yet over, Pokemon Go players are excited about the upcoming New Year event.

What Does The Upcoming Pokemon GO New Year Event Offer?

Rather than giving players a single event for the two holidays, Niantic decided to release a two version of the event. One for the Christmas event and the second is the upcoming New Year event. The Pokemon Go Christmas event will run from December 25 to January 3. While the New Year event will be starting soon on December 30 up to January 8.

This is a good news for all Pokemon Go players out there. They will enjoy the two simultaneous events on the same time for 5 days. Below are the benefits that Pokemon Go players can get during the 2 events.

On The Christmas Event

  • Each player can get 1 Incubator from PokeStops daily.
  • Pokemon Go players will have more time to catch Pikachu wearing a Santa hat. According to Niantic, they extended the Pikachu special holiday. However, there is no exact date until when the Pikachu in Santa hat will last.
  • An increase in hatching Gen 2 baby Pokemon like Pichu and Togepi. These baby Pokemon were introduced earlier this month.
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On The New Year Event

  • An increase in spawn rate of original Gen 1 starter Pokemon. This means Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander will be seen in the wild more frequently. Other than that, there is also an increase in the spawn rate of their respective evolution.
  • There will be an increase in the time span of lure module. From 30 minutes, it will now last for 60 minutes.

Things To Expect During The Holiday Events

Other than the mentioned feature of the holiday event above, Niantic also introduced a different tier gift boxes that you can get from the shop. As of writing, the only available gift boxes are Special, Great and Ultra boxes. These three boxes will last until the afternoon of December 30th. On the said end date, the Pokemon Go New Year event will start eventually that will give three new gift boxes to players. These three new gift boxes are Bronze, Silver and Gold boxes that will last until January 3.

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