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Pokémon Go News: Which Wearable Is Better? Pokémon Go Plus Or Apple Watch?

On December 12, Niantic team finally released the Pokemon Go version for Apple Watch. It’s almost three months since Niantic’s announcement in an Apple event which happened last September. The Pokemon Go app will not run the game in full extent since it has a tiny screen and its action can be limited. So pairing it with your device is the only workaround.

Pokemon Go for Apple Watch and Pokemon Go Plus have similar features, but not all. Both of them is a standalone device that can perform some actions in the game. But the question is this; which device is the best to enhance your Pokemon Go experience?

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Pokemon Go for Apple Watch Features

Pokemon Go version for apple watch offers some features that the Pokemon Go Plus don’t have. Some of these are the notification when a Pokemon is nearby, hatching a Pokemon egg and the ability to spin and collect items from PokeStops. So if you’re a Pokemon Go player who aims for these features, then getting an Apple Watch is a good choice.

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Pokemon Go Plus Features

The Pokemon Go Plus may don’t have some features that the Apple Watch may offer, but this accessory has a killer feature that can be offered to its users — the ability to catch a Pokemon when encountered.

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Like the Pokemon Go for Apple Watch, Pokemon Go Plus can also spin and collect items from PokeStops and receive a notification when a Pokemon is nearby. But unlike the Apple Watch, players can’t determine what Pokemon is encountered. However, reports claimed that this accessory can send notification faster than the Apple Watch. Pokemon tracking feature is also available in Pokemon Go Plus but in order to use this, you have to pair it with your device.

Talking about tracking, both Pokemon Go Plus and Apple Watch can track the distance if only the app is running in the background. In this case, your steps will be counted to the eggs that you are hatching and credits to your buddy Pokemon.

Which Wearable Is Better?

Choosing between this two device will really depend on what the user needs. If you already own an Apple Watch device and you’re eagerly wanting to catch a Pokemon without swiping your screen, then you can get a Pokemon Go Plus. For those who does not have an Apple Watch, you can get the Pokemon Go Plus for just $35. But just like what I’ve said, you won’t see what’s happening, so the Apple Watch has a big advantage.

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To summarize this comparison between this two wearable, if you already own an Apple Watch and want to maximize the Pokemon Go experience, then get a Pokemon Go Plus. But not all Pokemon Go players have the budget for an Apple Watch, so Pokemon Go Plus is the best way to start your journey for a better Pokemon Go gameplay.

What do you think about the comparison between the two accessories for Pokemon Go? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below!

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