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Pokémon Go News & Updates: Which Pokémon Go Christmas Gift Box Is The Best For You?

Last December 23rd Niantic announced the coming of Christmas event in Pokemon Go featuring the increase of spawn rates of some Pokemon, increasing the hatch rate of gen 2 Pokemon and more. Surprisingly, Niantic added some interesting feature in the game when the event starts. These are the Christmas gift box bundles.

Which Gift Box You Should Get?

The Christmas gift box is divided into six tiers, the special box, great box, ultra box, bronze box, silver box, and gold box. As of now, only the special, great and ultra boxes are available. To help everyone decide which box they should get, we have analyzed the contents of each box.

Interestingly, each box contains a good deal for an amazingly low price. Each box targets different tier of Pokemon Go players. Special Box is for low budget players that care about the incubators. Followed by the Great Box that is actually about x2 the content of the special box. Ultra Box is the most expensive among the three but it offers the most valuable content.

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Choose The Box That Suits Your Needs

  • Best value for incubators, pick Special Box
  • Players who traveled a lot, choose Ultra Box
  • Hardcore players who traveled a lot, get Great Box
  • If you’re a player who is looking for a valued price, then get Ultra Box

That’s all trainers. I hope this Christmas gift box guide will help you choose which gift box you should get. And btw, please be reminded that these gift boxes will be replaced with bronze, silver and gold boxes in the afternoon of December 30th. These new boxes will contain Incense, Lucky Eggs, Lures, Poké Balls & Great Balls. So it only means that it is the only time for us to get a discounted price for the Incubators.

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